Here at ROSE, we only use the best quality sustainable, organic, plant-based ingredients. They are hand-picked for their beneficial qualities to our skin. For the most part, many of our products are made from butters and oils that are derived from seeds or other parts of the plant or fruit instead of nuts. This makes it a much better option for those with nut allergies. They too can enjoy the mineral rich body products that would leave their skin happy and without the worry of experience an allergic reaction. In addition to being nut free, these body products are also vegan.

Mango Butter

is a butter that is derived from the seed of the mango fruit, and contains high levels of fatty acids which contributes to the moisturizing qualities of this mixture. Mango butter has antioxidant properties that keeps our skin soft and smooth. This butter is also rich in Vitamins A, C, and E that helps to promote and maintain healthy skin. Mango butter is great for those with dry skin, eczema, and helps to clear up blemishes, reduce wrinkle and fine lines.

Kokum Butter

An expeller pressed from fruit kernel of the Garcinia Indica tree to make this butter that is amazing and will leaving your skin super happy. Kokum butter is non-pore clogging (non- comedogenic), an emollient which makes it easy to be absorbed into the skin to help promote healthy skin cells, reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It is also has high levels of antioxidants and is excellent for cracked, dry, calloused skin or damaged skin.

Sal Butter

Derives from the seeds of the shorea robusta, this is ideal for acne prone skin. It contains properties that helps promote skin elasticity.

Apricot Oil

Derives from the seed of this delicious fruit is a skin’s best friend. It is ideal for dry and aging skin. This oil rejuvenates, moisturizes and nourishes your skin. Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Reported to have antimicrobial properties which is helpful to combat the symptoms of eczema and improve the overall appearance of the skin.

Emulsifying Wax

Plant-based and has great binding qualities. When added to body butters, it not only blend the oils and butters very well but helps the product to leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

Vitamin E Oil (Tocopherol T-50)

A products true companion. Its oxidative properties help to extend the life of the body butters by preventing it from becoming rancid.

Essential Oils

The blend of essential oils serve not only to give the body butter a great scent but to help maintain the health and integrity of your beautiful skin.